Technology In Use


As the firm was dealing with huge number of farmers due to its need of milk, the owner came in contact of a agro product which required same storage as that of milk that is ‘cold storage’ as the firm is now one of the leading milk product companies in the locality, and had a good cold storage system thus the company started dealing with packed green peas which also required a good quality of cold storage, and supplies s the same in Shirdi, Kopargaon and Savlivihir and covers most of this market.


SOURCE OF RAW MATERIAL: As the firm deals with milk products in a large quantity and great quality, thus it requires huge quantity of qualitative milk.

The firm imports its raw material from the remote areas nearby as due to which the farmers get good value of their milk in this remote area.

The firm requires 8,000 liters of milk on daily basis for its production thus it deals with 80 local farmers, as the need of such a large quantity of milk is not satisfied with only 80 numbers of suppliers so the company started its own raw milk production for its need accomplishment.


The firm uses latest technology for its production and cold storage warehouse for its storage purpose. The firm even uses cold storage vans for its transportation purpose.

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